Joyce Buckwalter, Private Piano Instructor

 "Wayne McDonald Piano Service piano tuning has taken care of me for 28 years.  His education, experience, and expertise are beyond compare!  There is no question that he cannot answer and no task that he cannot do.  As a fine musician, he has the perfect ear for piano tuning.  As a technician, he has ample knowledge and skill to tend to any adjustments or repairs that may be necessary.  He is prompt and professional, and even more importantly, he is a genuinely fine person!  I have recommended him to the parents of my
students, and every one of them has been pleased with his service.  Without a doubt, Wayne is the very best!"

Anne Edwards, Music Educator, Portsmouth, VA

 “Having a professional piano tuner for several decades continues to bring the satisfaction and assurance that my pianos are in the best possible hands.  Wayne McDonald the piano tuner is meticulous in his work and I could not recommend him more highly.” 

Geraldine T. Boone, Instructor; Coordinator of Master of Music Program, Norfolk State University

 “In the number of years in which Wayne has serviced my pianos, he has always done a great job on them, arrived on time and serviced referrals of my church and piano students.”   

​Sally Tharrington, Church Musician/Accompanist

 “I hold a Bachelor of Music from Longwood University and highly endorse Wayne McDonald as a piano technician.  He has taken care of my piano, our church piano and another church with whom I am affiliated for over ten years.  Besides doing an excellent job, Wayne is just a great person in that he is prompt, efficient and trustworthy.  I recommend him without reservation.”

Judy Amos, Private Piano Instructor and Director of Music, Crenshaw United Methodist Church

 “I have used the professional services of Wayne McDonald for home and church pianos for twenty-plus years and have recommended him numerous times for tuning and repair. I have confidence in his knowledge of his craft and I trust his integrity, both of which are very important to me.”  

Beth Culpepper, Private Piano Instructor, and Church Musician

 “I have used Wayne McDonald as my piano tuner since 1987. During the 27 years, he has always been prompt, professional, and proficient in his work. I have referred him to all of my piano students that have requested a tuner & have never had one complaint from anyone who has had him tune their instrument.” 

Elizabeth Simmons, Music Educator

 “I have used Wayne's piano tuning and repair service for many years and have NEVER been disappointed!”

Ross Creecy, Church Pianist/Accompanist


"I appreciate Wayne's prompt and quality service at fair prices. I especially like that he is available to schedule appointments through email."  Ross Creecy, Church Pianist/Accompanist

Janet Phelps, Music Director, Kings Grant Presbyterian Church, Virginia Beach, VA

 “For many years I have used the piano tuning/technician services of Wayne McDonald for my teaching piano studio at home and also for all of the pianos at my church.  He shows exemplary work, ethic and customer service skills.”  

Michael Turner, Minister of Music, First Baptist Church, Suffolk, VA ​

"Wayne is an excellent tuner and technician.  As a church musician, I find that I need instruments to be at their best so that they compliment the work that is done from week to week.  In my more than 30 years in the area I have had many of the top rated technicians service instruments at church; but I have found Wayne to be one of the top piano technicians in the area"  

Denise Gregory, Director of Music Ministries, Great Bridge United Methodist Church, Chesapeake, VA

 “I am writing this note to thank you for your professionalism and keen ear for tuning the pianos at Great Bridge UMC for many years.  I am grateful that you always make yourself available even for times that are not at our regular time period for tuning.  I have been in music ministry for over 30 years now and had many fine tuners but not sure anyone from the congregation has made the comment as was just done this Easter.  A musician that attends our church and listens closely to “all” we do with a sensitive ear said “I can’t believe how perfectly the organ and piano were in tune for the duet!”  I have much respect for this person as a musician and for your talents in tuning."  

Mary Ann Medlin, Director of The Music Staff, Chesapeake, VA

 "Wayne McDonald has been tuning and maintaining pianos for me at The Music Staff for the past 28 years.  He is reliable, fair, and trustworthy, as well as an accomplished musician and an outstanding technician.  Piano tuners just don’t come any better than Wayne!"  

Kimberly Haywood, Music Educator & Musician

 "I have known Wayne McDonald for years.  He has tuned my piano and is an exceptional tuner.  He is also a very honest and trustworthy person.”  

Janet McManus, Music and Dance Educator

 “Wayne McDonald has tuned my piano for years and does not rush the job.  He is punctual, considerate and professional.”  Janet McManus, Music and Dance Educator